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The Science guild will continue after this conference as a point of communication about WoW and other virtual worlds, and a fun questing group. If you want to play an active role, send your thoughts about the guild's future to wsbainbridge@gmail.com

We have organized a guild for the conference, named Science. Any current guildie of “Member” rank or above can invite people to join. The beautiful tabard of the Science guild shows a red infinity symbol against a light orange background with yellow trim. The name refers not to the AAAS publication, but to the systematic search for knowledge. As it happens, guilds in 11 other realms have named themselves Science, 7 Horde and 4 Alliance. The officers of our Science guild are:

Sciencemag, female Blood Elf hunter (guildmaster)

Computabull, male Tauren shaman

Marcya, female Troll rogue

Price, male Undead warlock

Catullus, male Blood Elf priest (level 70)

If you enter the Earthen Ring US realm as a Horde character, use the Who part of the Social module in the interface to see which officer is available at the moment, and send a whisper message to alert them to recruit you to the Science guild, or help you with quests, or whatever. If none are online at the moment, both send Sciencemag an in-WoW mail message and check again later.


Each new, low-level member of the guild gets a free starter pack, which currently contains:

  • A few gold coins
  • A useful carrying bag
  • A red souvenir shirt tagged "Made by Sciencemag"
  • A telescope (ornate spyglass)
  • A guild tabard (the Science guild infinity symbol will appear once you have actually joined)
  • An exotic experimental laboratory animal (such as strange creatures smuggled over from the Alliance, a "cat" or a "rabbit," or mechanical squirrel) 

New high-level members get just the scientific stuff.  If you failed to get something, please let us know.

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