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Expedition 3

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Expedition 3.


Sunday May 11, about two hours, starting immediately after academic Session 3.


The climax of the conference is an attack on Sentinel Hill, followed by an incursion further into Alliance territory to the gates of Stormwind if possible. The trick for Horde characters to get to Sentinel Hill in Westfall is to take the zeppelin from Undercity toward Grom'gol, but to leap into the water as soon as the travel map vanishes from the screen. Yes, it works! We can then swim to the Troll religious site at Yojamba Isle, from which it is a short walk or swim to the Westfall lighthouse.


NB: All times are Earthen Ring US Server Times (= Eastern US time zone)


  • 1:30 A wedding and formal dance immediately after the academic session, to conclude the conference, at the abandoned fort.
  • 2:00 Go to Yojamba Isle! From Booty Bay, fly to Grom'gol.  Take the Zeppelin to Undercity, and immediately return on the Zep back toward Grom'gol.  The instant the map leaves your screen, jump off the Zep!  Do not hesitate!  NOTE: You may land near a seamount with two murlocs.  Good luck!  Swim west, and maybe a little south, to avoid a large infested island, and swim to Yojamba as shown on the map below. As people collect, you may explore this small but interesting set of islands. On Yojamba, we will form raiding parties, then enter Alliance territory! 


Examples of two very successful raids by the Alea Iacta Est guild are below:

Capturing an Alliance tower on the first anniversary of the guild, and

an elite AIE team having penetrated Ironforge and reached the Deeprun Tram station at Stormwind.

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