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Expedition 2

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Expedition 2.


An excursion to Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale, beginning at Undercity. First, a level 70 Human priest (Alliance) will aggro Horde guards into battling him right in our meeting area. Then, one of our Horde characters will turn in the quest that makes Sylvanas Windrunner, the Banshee Queen, sing her beautiful aria in the Undercity throne room. Then we all go on a zeppelin trip to Grom'gol Base Camp in Stranglethorn Vale, where level 30 and above characters can go dinosaur hunting. Lower level characters can watch from the safety of Grom'gol, or try their luck walking or swimming to Booty Bay. Those for whom this heroic adventure proves too difficult will be escorted to Booty Bay via ship from Ratchet, but if they first visit Grom'gol, then they will have the flight path that lets them travel from one end of the Eastern Kingdoms to the other. 


NB: All times are Earthen Ring US Server Times (= Eastern US time zone)


Post-Session Activities 1:30-3:30:


In Undercity:

  • The site of the second session is the cavern in the sewers near the city, a green pool lit by a torch with windriders flying overhead (Undercity 32,32).  For the first activity, Alliance priest Maxrohn will attempt to coax Undercity guards into the cavern and kill them thus perhaps alerting the city to an intrusion.
  • Leap of faithlessness - "To the pure, all things are pure."  We jump in the Canals of Corruption from the city end of the sewer (Undercity 49,29).
  • Watch warriors-in-training practice on The Abomination (Undercity 51,23).
  • A visit to the scientific laboratory called the Apocatharium (Undercity 48,70) - interview the willing, check the tesitng equipment, examine the drip in one side-chamber, and see Keever's transmogrification research in the other side-chamber (Undercity 53,74).
  • In the throne room (Undercity 58,91) we will hear the aria of Sylvanas.  We expect to have three quest givers ready to turn the necessary quest in, to allow people to record the performance or experience it reapeatedly.
  • We visit Jeremiah Payson, the cockroach vendor (Undercity 67,44).  An honorable profession, perhaps, but how does his life compare with that of the Banshee Queen we just visited.  Is his sorrow any less deep?  Royal Overseer Bauhaus says, "I've always been of the opinion that it takes a special gift to sell... cockroaches."  In one quest, Payson himself says, "Every time someone steps on a cockroach, I cry.  Please don't make me cry."  You may wish to buy one of his cute pets.


Tirisfal Glades, just outside the main gate to the ruins of Lordaeron (Undercity):

  • As a group, we will assemble at the Undercity zepplin station, just outside the main gate (Tirisfal Glades 60,58). If we all ride the zep at once, will it crash?  The correct platform is the one that requires you to go back into the tower to reach it.  The first one you encounter goes to Orgrimmar.


Grom'gol Base Camp:

  • When we reach Grom'gol, make sure you get the flight path from the flight master (Stranglethorn Vale 32,29).
  • While higher-level character taunt raptors and orgres to kill them just outside the gate, lower-level characters can watch from the tops of the guard towers (Stranglethorn Vale 32,28 and 31,27).
  • Immediately outside the west gate are two sunken ships, with no nasty fish or murlocs to bother us (Stranglethorn Vale 29,31).  We will provide elixir of wather breathing, so we can all romp together beneath the waves. You may even "thread the needle" (Stranglethorn Vale 27,33) and "ride in triumph beneath the arch" (Stranglethorn Vale 25,32). 
  • We then go to Booty Bay.  Computabull will also have water walking buffs for high-level members who want to see what it feels like to get there hoofing by sea.   Others may swim (it takes just six minutes), brave the dangerous jungle trail, or use a hearthstone set for Ratchet to take the boat.


Booty Bay:

  • At Booty Bay, you may want to set your hearthstone at the inkeeper (Stranglethorn Vale 27,77), and definitely get the flight path at the top of the inn.


The picture below left shows Sciencemag flying through the Undercity sewer cavern where the second session will be held, the starting point for expedition 2; it was taken by Price. The picture on the right is Grom'gol Base Camp in Stranglethorn Vale.




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