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Conference Participants

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Conference Participants


To identify a character, your browser's "find on this page" function may be better than the wiki's search engine, because it takes you to the correct line on this page.

Please alert us to any changes desired in this information, at wsbainbridge@gmail.com


Abraham, Ben - University of Western Sydney - Character: Forthewin


Bainbridge, William Sims - National Science Foundation* - Characters: Catullus, Computabull, Sciencemag, Marcya, Price (Horde); Maxrohn, Lunette (Alliance).  


Barnett, Jane - Middlesex University


Bastien, Anne - Character: Saureus


Bell, Mark - Indiana University - Typezombie


Bettencourt, Joyce A. - Global Kids - Character: Rhiannonn


Birdwell, Joe - Character: Randomeis


Boessen, Brett - Austin College - Character: Shahkh


Bohannon, Cat - Columbia University - Character: Mynameisman


Bohannon, John - Science magazine - Character: Gonzorina


Bohannon, Neil, III - Butler University  - Character: Retief


Breeze, Mez - Augmentology - Character: Augmentology


Brosius, Joanna  - Abbott Laboratories - Character: Scrutiny


Broviak, Dave - Illinois Department of Transportation - Character: Tiamatt


Broviak, Pam - City of LaSalle - Character: Cloacina


Brust, James  - University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee - Character: Zomboni


Burford, James - Indiana University - Character: Walim


Byars, Jason - Indiana University - Character:  Pirho


Carrière, Réjean - University of Ottawa - Character: Réjean


Carruthers Den Hoed, Don - Character: Levevick


Chen, Mark - University of Washington - Character: Thoguht


Choontanom, Tri  - University of California, Irvine - Character: Khatchi


Christopherson, Laura - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Character: Artume


Chu, Sarah - York University - Character: Elywen


Collister, Lauren B. - University of Pittsburgh - Character: Parnopaeus


Cook, Erin  - Andrews University  - Character: Nebellia


Cormier, Keith - University of Utah - Charactrer: Keath


Corneliussen, Hilde G. - University of Bergen - Character: Kultura


Courard-Hauri, David - Drake University


Cox, J. Colin - Duke University Medical Center - Character: Zanide


Davidoff, Galina - R&D Strategic Solutions - Character: Kionoto


Denton, Elizabeth - Northern Illinois University - Character: Passera


Dibbell, Julian - Terra Nova - Character: Pleimisti


Diesner, Jana - Carnegie Mellon University - Character: Teilnehmer


Dondanville, Chris - University of Memphis - Character: Charolais


Dorland, Liz - Washington University - Character: Chimeraco


Droujkov, Katherine - Natural Math - Character: Araculla


Droujkova, Maria - Natural Math - Character: Mariadr


Ducheneaut, Nicolas - Palo Alto Research Center - Characters: Huul, Kartuni


Duncan, Sean  - University of Wisconsin - Character: Frow


Escher, Linda  - Minnesota Department of Natural Resources - Character: Cymbiotic


Evans, Monica - University of Texas at Dallas  - Character: Kebehet


Fisher, Nigel - Character: Rontgen


Flintoff, Kim - Edith Cowan University and Queensland University of Technology - Character: Dramanite


Foster, David - University of Calgary - Character: Ventres


Foster, Jacob G. - University of Calgary - Character: Tegularius


Fox, Nick - Stony Brook University - Character: Carlsagan


Geraci, Robert M. - Manhattan College - Character: Ronaan


Gibbs, Martin - University of Melbourne - Character: Vicariously


Grønli, Kristin - forskning.no - Character: Jakola


Hay, Kenneth E. - Indiana University - Character: Einarson


Haynes, Cynthia - Clemson University - Character: Noralore


Heidecker, Gisela - Character: Gizsela


Hoak, Deanna - Character: Demena


Horstman, Theresa - University of Washington - Character: Nokota


Howard, Lahoma - Colorado State University - Character: MsSteak


Howell, Jon - East Valley Institute of Technology - Character: Zscheme


Hunter, Dan - University of Pennsylvania - Character: Bwny


Jacobs, Stephen - Rochester Institute of Technology - Character: Torostudy


Jainschigg, John


Jamieson, Alan C. - St. Mary's College of Maryland - Character: Saunter


Jamieson, Lindsay - St. Mary's College of Maryland - Character: Bytola


Jayne - Character: Maviria


Jenkins, Peter S.  - York University - Character: Apophenius


Jordan, Randy - The Instance - Character: Randydeluxe


Katsu, Goldie - Katsu Productions - Character: Aquaregia


Kennedy, Jill - Arizona State University - Character: Cplane


Kershner, Chad - Colorado State University - Character: Stronglykbul


Kolomeetz, Konstantin - Yandex - Character: Hexameter


Kow, Yong Ming - University of California, Irvine - Character: Kowski


Krzywinska, Tanya - Brunel University - Character: Atratas


Lastowka, Greg - Rutgers School of Law - Character: Gyges


Lawley, Elizabeth - Rochester Institute of Technology - Character: Saraswathi


Lowood, Henry - Stanford University - Character: Liebenwalde


Lutters, Wayne - National Science Foundation - Character: Kvinesdal


Mableson, Connie J. - Dodge, Anderson, Mableson, Steiner, Jones & Horowitz, Ltd. - Character: Legal


MacDonald, Ian  - Columbia University - Characters: Bartlescriv, Aikoaikoanay


Madsen, Teresa E.  - Emory University - Character: Garaka


McKnight, John Carter - Arizona State University - Character: Kaseido


Martins, Mariana da Cunha de Queiroz - Stony Brook University - Character: Psychology


Miller, Dan - U.S. Congress Staff - Character: IamLegion


Morgan, James - Ars Virtua / CADRE Laboratory for New Media - Character: Deaxter


Mortensen, Torill Elvira - Volda College - Character: Taurhild


Munchrath, Lauren  - University of Texas at Austin - Character: Cnemi


Nardi, Bonnie - University of California, Irvine - Character: Maggiemae


Newbury, Andrew - Character: Arcuren


Noel, Sylvie - Communications Research Centre - Character: Jusdafacs


op'tLand, Ray - University of Calgary - Character: Shugar


Ozmen, Mehmet - Monash University - Character: Corrandan


Paden, Matt - Seriosity - Character: Miuccia


Patterson, John - Pratt Institute - Character: Crucinogen


Pearce, Celia - Georgia Institute of Technology - Character: Dyonesia


Perry, Anali - Arizona State University - Character: Niali


Picoli, Alessandra - Character: Nice


Pirouz, Raymond - Character: Eluminore


Pribut, Stephen - GWU Medical Center - Character: Lightsydor


Prisco, Giulio - Character: Perplextar


Reading, Noelle - Lawrence University - Character: Geradamas


Reinhardt, Jon - Southern Connecticut State University -> University of Arizona - Character: Noanok


Rhoten, Diana - National Science Foundation - Character: Nemorensis


Robinson, Joanna - Centre for Digital Media - Character: Jalena


Rothblatt, Martine - Terasem Movement


Schuur, Eric - Asthmatx, Inc. - Character: Lorenian


Sharp, Matt - Ball State University - Character: Akigain


Siegel, Daniel - Character: Trickshot


Slattery, Michael - Stony Brook University - Character: Kandilgre


Smith, Kim


Smith, Richard - Simon Fraser University - Character: Profsmith


Steinkuehler, Constance - University of Wisconsin, Madison - Character: SweetPancake


Stortz, Joshua - Character: Amulii


Swanenburg, Kristina - University of Pittsburgh - Character: Adarel


Szabo, Victoria - Duke University - Character: Megapix


Taylor, T. L. - IT University of Copenhagen  - Character: Ybika


Thomas, Chesney - Nottingham University - Character: Serne


Thomas, Doug - University of Southern California


Thomas, Matthew J. - Queen's University - Character: Shiyali


Thorne, Steven - Pennsylvania State University - Character: Uljasa


Tisone, Ryan - University of Columbia-Missouri


Van Buren, Cassandra - University of Utah - Character: Redacted


Vancil, Jenn - Stanford University - Character: Jenoria


Vergara, Victor - Character: Painmanager


Vyvial-Larson, Jessica - Colorado State University - Character: Alwayslost


Wadley, Greg - University of Melbourne - Character: Timepoor


Williams, Dmitri - University of Southern California - Character: Southerncal


Wintersteen, Ben - Colorado State University - Character: Ixila


Wolfenstein, Moses - University of Wisconsin - Character: Taatu


Wright, Scott - WoW Addons Podcast - Character: Oisini


Yee, Nick - Palo Alto Research Center


*Note: NSF is not an official sponsor of this conference, and Bill Bainbridge does his WoW research on his own time.  Bill's actual dollar costs are only $150, $100 for the wiki and $50 to move two characters to Earthen Ring US, paid from his own funds.



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