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AI Meditations Facebook Group (redirected from AI Medications Facebook Group)

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This is a "closed" group, but you are welcome to apply for membership, if you are willing to discuss the topic in a reasonable manner, and make contributions such as links to valuable information on the topic.




Our motto: Take AIM!

Many scientists, engineers, and governments are promoting what they call artificial intelligence, without a thorough critique of the validity of their concepts or evaluation of the harm that would result from implementing them. Computer science organizations have begun promoting improved ethical standards, but there is little reason to believe that ethics have much power in today’s conflicted world. This Facebook group can serve as a communication hub where thoughtful people share information that provides insights into the potential harm of AI.

Please post comments and links related to issues like these:

1. Pro-AI rhetoric contains many exaggerations, for example calling machine learning an advanced form of artificial intelligence, when it really is just an ornate addition to classical multivariate statistical methods, such as factor analysis that is nearly a century old.

2. Artificial stupidity may be the widespread result if excessive enthusiasm for AI causes governments and corporations to automate their services using inferior methods.

3. The AI fad is drawing attention away from the humanities and social sciences, which are much more important in creating a new civilization that is both peaceful and creative.

4. As in the earlier case of the spaceflight social movement, that gave us ICBM nuclear weapons rather than colonies on Mars, AI is magnifying the danger of war in an increasingly conflicted world.

5. It is reasonable to worry that AI would greatly reduce the need for human workers, thus causing a surge in unemployment, given that the principle of creative destruction that earlier created more new jobs does not apply once technology is able to duplicate fundamental human abilities.

6. Automation concentrates power in a small number of large corporations and a technical elite, increasing inequality across the social classes.

7. Whether through privacy violations, oppressive propaganda personalized to be most effective in controlling individual victims, or automatic infliction of punishments, AI may be used intentionally by governments to reduce the freedom of their citizens.

8. Despite the excessive dramatization of AI’s dangers in popular movies like Terminator (1984) and The Matrix (1999), development of artificial general intelligence could conceivably result in the extinction of humanity.

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