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AI-Critical Formal Reports

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Lengthy Formal Reports on Social Implications of AI:


Janna Anderson, Lee Rainie and Alex Luchsinger, "Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humans," Pew Research Center, December 10, 2018





Meredith Whittaker, Kate Crawford, Roel Dobbe, Genevieve Fried, Elizabeth Kaziunas, Varoon Mathur, Sarah Myers West, Rashida Richardson, Jason Schultz and Oscar Schwartz, "AI Now Report 2018," AI Now Institute, New York University, December 2018



Privacy International, "Privacy and Freedom of Expression In the Age of Artificial Intelligence," Privacy International, April 2018



Official Statements by Institutional Leaders:


Smith, Brad, "Facial recognition: It’s time for action," Microsoft, December 6, 2018



Smith, Brad, "Facial recognition technology: The need for public regulation and corporate responsibility," Microsoft, July 13, 2018:



IEEE Board of Directors, "Artificial Intelligence Research, Development and Regulation," Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, February 10, 2017



Petitions and Pledges:


Future of Life Institute, "Lethal Autonomous Weapons Pledge" 



Future of Life Institute, "Asilomar AI Principles," 2017



International Committee for Robot Arms Control, "Open Letter in Support of Google Employees and Tech Workers," ICRAC, June 25, 2018



Electronic Privacy Information Center, "Petition to OSTP for Request for Information on Artificial Intelligence Policy," EPIC, July 4, 2018





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